The cost of delivering to a particular area will be revealed when you choose this area. We may be able to deliver outside the areas available on our website. If you are outside of the areas shown on our website, please contact us to see if we can help you out.

If we are unable to provide your delivery due to adverse weather, vehicle failure, illness or any other factor, we will inform you of this at the earliest possible opportunity and provide a full refund. Delivery times can be arranged during the booking process.

Please ensure that there is adequate space for our products, that the location our products will be sited is accessible, and that you have cleared the area of mess and debris. We will be unable to provide a refund if we cannot deliver your product due to a lack of space or accessibility or due to an inappropriate location or cancel for any reason.

What happens if I'm having a party in a park with a jumping castle?

You need to apply to the Council for a permit to have a party in the park. Other things to consider are if there is access to electricity in the park. If not, we can supply a generator to power the amusement (at a cost).

Does Big & Little Party Hire have insurance? Can I get a copy?

Yes, Big & Little Party Hire is fully insured with an Australian Authorised Insurer. The policy is for $20,000,000 public liability. A copy of the certificate of insurance can be provided on request for councils or sporting groups and a copy is attached to all booking confirmation emails.

What happens to our Jumping Castle booking if it rains?

Some of our jumping castles are fitted with shower covers so intermittent showers are not a problem. If the rain is heavy and persistent and looks as though it may cause risk to the children's safety, we will call you on the day of your hire. If the weather is bad at your place, please ring us ASAP.

What happens if it's a windy day?

All our Jumping Castles can be used until the wind reaches 40km/h or more. Safety is our number 1 priority and we will not risk the safety of anyone for a hire. WE WILL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ALLOW A JUMPING CASTLE TO BE SET UP IF THE WIND IS ABOVE 40KM/H. Should the weather be unsuitable for the Jumping Castle to operate, will be contact you prior to your booking, and if required issue a full refund.

Can i use a hose to wet my castle?

YES you can. At Big & Little Party Hire you can wet any of our inflatables at no extra charge, but please try to have the castle dry for pickup..turn off the water approx 1hr prior to pickup time.

What does the price of a hire include?

Basic prices without supervision include delivery, installation and pick up of the equipment. The set up of the inflatable equipment is always completed prior to the booking time commencing.

Water slides requirements

You need to provide the water for the water slides and you will need to provide your own hose & tap too. Some you will also need vehicle access.